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The Flower Child Mamma

Photo Credit: Ricardo Lopez 2018

Hi! My name is Nellie. Welcome to my blog!

This is a space where I give my best insights and suggestions for making conscious choices in our everyday lives.

I have a calling…

 My intention is to build a community of souls who are seeking ways to improve their path, whether it be through conscious consumerism, recipes for healthful and wholesome foods, or discussions and practices. 

I am a mother, a seeker, an avid reader, a chef, and an explorer of all things self-improving. My journey of mindful living began at a very young age. As an aware child, I saw ways to improve the current world through green awareness. Recycling, gardening, and waste reduction fueled my passions.
My passions grew into cultural awareness of food and farming, and continue to grow as I explore new ways to leave an impact. Along this journey, meditation practice has brought me to realize the influence that one individual can have on the collective consciousness. Out of this realization has grown this blog community.
Please join me on my path to continual awareness and growth, as we learn ways to make a positive impact, one being at a time!

Love and Light,
Nellie- The Flower Child Mamma

Photo Credit: Thomas Remington 2018