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I’m so glad you are on the search for quality mantras and affirmations that work!
I hope you enjoy some of my favorite.



1) I love the person I am becoming:

I enjoy this mantra because it is a recognition that I am not perfect, that I am flawed, and that it’s okay. The reason it’s okay is because I am still working on bettering myself continually. I feel it allows the room to grow, the room to improve, and the compassion for oneself to know that “I accept me where I am”. I feel that it also sets up for future self-love. So as I improve myself, I am already training my mind to love my ‘future self’.

2) I am worthy to have good in my life

This mantra is HUGE! So many of us subconsciously feel we aren’t worthy of goodness, of love, of beauty. For whatever reason this is, this mantra handles that head on! You ARE worthy, and your life WILL be good because you DESERVE it! When you find yourself settling for less than ideal circumstances, remind yourself that you are worthy to be treated kindly and with respect; you are worthy of loving yourself; you are worthy for others to love you. Everyone is born with this worth, EVERYONE! So attempt to see yourself as a newborn child, worthy of all the love in the world. No matter what your past is, you do truly deserve to be filled with immense joy and universal love.

3) I love myself just the way I am

Plain old self acceptance. It’s important and valuable to meet yourself where you are. I doubt you would become angry at a child for not being at a certain level of perfection….so why do it to yourself? This is called self compassion. It’s okay that you don’t meet a certain standard set by yourself or even by others! It’s important to be able to accept yourself NOW, so that you may make room for the improvement you wish to achieve. Otherwise, your internal dialogue will continually sabotage your work.


I love hearing the mantras that others use! Please feel free to comment and tell me what mantras work for you! I hope these 3 mantras have helped you on your journey of self-improvement!